Friday, December 11, 2009

December 11, 2009

Just when I started getting used to Greg moving out, getting a temporary daughter (she went home yesterday), and just sitting down to organize all our December events, God grants me a surprise? Why am I surprised? Rally, by now I should know that just when I think i have a handle on the present God stops and says, rather loudly so He doesn't have to reapeat Himslef (as I have a sreious case of senioritis) "Uh Hem...Michelle, SURPRISE". I should have known, no really I should have known.

Here's the background to this story. My grandfather (My mom's dad) waa born Dec. 24th. it was an awesome celebration, not Christmas Eve, but Granddad's Birhtday. We had lots of soup, clam chowder for G'dad as he loved it, especially my mom's! I was born in Denver Dec. 15th, and met my adoptive parents Dec. 21 when they took me home right after a fresh snow storm. (that's CO) Gary and I got married and so that added G'ma Dee's B-day on Dec. 13th. (Do you see a pattern here? If not stay tuned a little longer!) That would be Gary's moms' birthday. Also when we got married we added Gary's brother Mike's birthday (Dec. 16th) and a cousin on Dec. 14th. (Now, hang in there just a little longer, because it gets evn better! Several years after we were married we added Garys youngest brother's wedding anniversay on Dec. 22. Ooops, a couple of years before Gary's brohter got married our oldest son Chris was born....the date? Glad you aksed...Dec. 30th.

Gary's brother Mike married his wife Faith in 1993. Bedsides Mike's birthday, his wife brought with her her son Kent born Dec. 27th. My brohter, having all birthdays in the spring, decided that they too needed a reason to celebrate in Dec. so they added their oldest daughter on Dec. 27th, also! Now, Seriously, what is the coldest month of the year, lets count backwards from let's say Dec. 15th (it's in the middle of the month, 38 weeks backwards gets us to.......) Gary's youngest brother added their first child, a son on.....Dec. 15th....OK, OK that's enough now. Can you bear with me a few more minutes, I really need to get this off my chest.....(I'd put it on my calendar, but there's not a day that isn't full...)So, then our beautiful daughter arrived Jan. 1st, (yes, you are right it's in Jan. but, count backwards from my oldest son's birthday.....). Chris announced his engagement pretty much while we were there in July....but things needed to be a little more firmed up then...Gary got a text today (this is where God said "Surprise!" to me earlier today). Chris' text to his dad....."Getting married on Dec. 18th"!!! Her name is wonder her Birthday is Dec. 28th, two days before Chris'. Really i should have known.......

So, for now, Jesus has his own special day in our family....maybe i whould start praying very early (now) before we have grandchildren, I am likely to gorget a birthday here and there....

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  1. This is hysterical!!!! I can just picture your overloaded calendar! But at least this way you can't really forget anyone's birthday. You ony have to think about birthdays and anniversaries one month out of the've got it easy!! hee hee hee