Monday, January 11, 2010

January, 11, 2010

I will take a break from my "lifestyle" cahnge blog and blog about my oldest son. Acrually as tired as I seemed to be when my children were younger, I long for those days again. I don't think things get any harder really as they get older, but what I do think goes on is that they get sooo much more complicated.

I found out on my Birthday (after a few hours of texting my son (It started out as a text to tell me "Happy Birthday"! Let me stop here for a few moments. Number 1-Even if I wanted to "talk" to my son and not text, that would be impossible to do because he "runs" (I am not sure who he calls to run out his "talking" minutes.), out of "talking" minutes, and when I do call to talk, I get "Hi, please text because I have no more minutes left". Therefore if I want to communicate with him, I have to text. Number 2, If you are not familiar withtexting on phones here's a couple of things. First I don't like "codes" of any kind, so I purchased a phone that \has a mini kepboard on it so it would be easier for me to figure out. Second, even though I have the keyboard I am still as slow as molasses in the winter. So, when I say I texted for a few hours, I still didn't get to textmuch or get much in the way of information. Number 3, I have a phone company that is not conected with his at all. So, I will be texting away and hit send and then I get the following message, "The person you are texting willnot receive your text in it's entirety because you are not with the same company". You have to be kidding!?!?

So, I have to redo some of my texts due to the previous reasons above, and finally found out that my son and his fiancee are getting married in 3 days (Dec. 18th). Then I was asking him about his girlfriend, she had had the flu almost all Nov. so I proceded to ask him how she was. He acted surprised at the question. (it went something like this: Me-How's Angel, Dad said she was pretty sick last month? Chris-ummm, sick? Me-(repeated the question onemore time), There was a long pause about 20 or so minutes. i was confused at the long pause because he had been quick to answer until that point. So, I texted him something like-"Should I be expecting a grandchild soon? Antoher pretty long pause. The not knowing was about to kill after another 20 or minutes, I texted him "I will take that long pause a yes. He texted back "Yeah, she is....."

That's how I found out that I had a grandchild on the way. I found out about my new daughter, and my grandbaby all on my birthday, what a day!!

Chris has been a diffucult child. yes, he knows that. Now, due to some "soap opera happenings in CO and with the grandmother that raised our new daughter it looks like they will need to move here!! I am so excited and so petrified all at the same time. He does not have a real easy to find here and in this economy huh, yeah maybe not so much. i prayed for bridgs to be crossed, and I have seen some major changes in my son, but wow, so complicated. Chris has a car that needs to be brought here, I was going to go get him, but he does not have a driver's license, or insurance for the car......I have given him enough money. I will give him love forever! So, to figure out what to do, what to do, what to do........

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